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LLDPE Tank Fabrication (Jo-Jo tanks)

Sinvac supplies HDPE Moulded Fittings into the industry and is recognised one of the leading HDPE Pipe Suppliers. We supply our high quality Sinvac HDPE moulded fittings which is used in a variety of applications in multiple industry sectors. The Sinvac HDPE Moulded Fittings is tough, has a 100 year design life and, because of the good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance properties.

Sinvac HDPE Moulded Fittings are available in diameters from 16mm up to 630mm, in pressure ranges from PN6 to PN25 in PE100.

Sinvac HDPE Moulded Fittings is designed and manufactured to meet the harsh climate related requirements in Africa, making them suitable for most applications. One of the most prominent features of HDPE pipe and HDPE Moulded Fittings is the fact that a wide variety of jointing systems are available to suit the application and installation method, both new and existing.

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