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HDPE Pipe South AfricaSinvac Focusses on selling HDPE Pipe, HDPE Fittings and HDPE Solutions into all industries for a wide variety of customers. We provide a single source HDPE solution to managing directors, general managers, project managers, mine managers, engineers, piping project managers, construction managers, traders, merchants, plumbers and irrigation specialists.

Our energetic sales force is supported by a very experienced HDPE manufacturing and execution platform where there is an unmatched focus on quality HDPE Products and safety. The cumulative HDPE manufacturing,  HDPE fabrication, HDPE maintenance and HDPE projects experience of the Sinvac companies and its team of enthusiastic and dedicated people, creates a definite and distinctive footprint which bodes well to any potential HDPE customer.

Sinvac has successfully completed numerous HDPE projects, both in-plant HDPE Installation and overland HDPE Installation, and the experience gained is used to support our clients from design phase through to the HDPE pressure testing / sign-off of the HDPE pipeline.

To deliver quality outcomes, standard operating procedures (SOP), method statements (MS) and quality control plan’s (QCP) are utilized. Regular planned task observations (PTO) are done to ensure that the work is executed as per predefined and agreed upon SOP’s, MS and QCP’s.

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