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HDPE Pipe and Services Supplier

The cumulative HDPE manufacturing, fabrication, maintenance and projects experience of the Sinvac companies and its team of enthusiastic and dedicated people, creates a definite and distinctive footprint which bodes well to any potential customer. We are members of IFPA (Installation and Fabrication Plastic Association) and we try and contribute positively to the developing HDPE industry in Africa. Your #1 HDPE pipe and services supplier.

What can SINVAC SA offer me?

SINVAC SA provide a comprehensive list of products and services related to HDPE Piping Systems in South Africa and Africa. We deliver a single source HDPE solution for any and all of our clients HDPE requirements.

hdpe pipe suppliers

Who uses SINVAC SA for their HDPE Solutions and why?

Business Owners

  1. Seeking business partners to grow their business in the HDPE market.
  2. Seeking technical advice on all HDPE products & services.
  3. Seeking commercial advice on understanding all the different aspects of the HDPE markets.
  4. When frustrated with sales people not willing to go the extra mile.
  5. When tired of poor workmanship.

Mine managers, Project Managers, Construction managers

  1. Frustrated from dealing with four or five different suppliers to source all their HDPE requirements for a Piping Project.
  2. They are tired of late deliveries and unreliability of supply. This affects their project time line and they face threats of penalties and / or reduced output on their plants.
  3. When seeking opportunities to secure business at highly competitive prices.
  4. When striving to supply high standard of quality HDPE pipe and fittings.

Project Engineers, Consulting Engineers

  1. When seeking multiple solutions for their problems from simple advice and referrals to custom projects and comprehensive HDPE packages.
  2. When seeking product knowledge, installation service and custom products.
  3. When frustrated from suppliers that create expectations that cannot be met.
  4. When not seeking supply only, but competitive pricing, in-depth advice, supply and installation of projects.

Buyers, Irrigation and Agriculture Specialists, Plumbers, Merchants, Traders

  1. When striving to partner with a supplier that would enable them to service their clients efficiently & effectively.
  2. They are tired of waiting for quotations when pricing various HDPE products.
  3. They are looking for a single source supplier of all HDPE products and services i.e. manufacturing, fabrication, supply and installation.
  4. When seeking quick response on tenders and quotations containing accurate prices.
  5. When frustrated with poor communication on supply issues.
hdpe pipe suppliers

What makes us as a HDPE pipe supplier different?

Clients First

We give the highest priority to solving our clients problems, we don’t give up until we have an answer. Your #1 HDPE pipe and services supplier.

Extremely Fast

No one has a faster turnaround time for quotations and technical enquiries then we do.

Single Source HDPE Solution

We offer a Single Source HDPE Solution for all HDPE requirements i.e. In-house Pipe manufacturing, Fabricated Fittings, Delivery and Installation.


We have the flexibility to offer highly competitive pricing and lead times because we manufacture and fabricate ourselves.

Great Product Quality

We have, without question, the highest standard of quality when we install piping systems with our hdpe welding, joints, productivity and efficiency.

Great Lead Times

We have the flexibility to change our production / fabrication schedule if our customers need it.

Technically Strong

Our clients come back to us because we offer ease of mind.  We take care of all technical concerns or problems.

Winning Culture

Sinvac’s wining culture of high performance and high intensity differentiates us from our competitors in the market.

hdpe pipe suppliers

Quality Management

Internal Monitoring

The SINVAC SA quality assurance starts at the gate of the factory with the receipt of raw materials. Only raw material of approved quality is processed. Processing itself is checked regularly. The modern and computer-controlled production machines and systems are checked and set by qualified and experienced personnel to ensure that they always function optimally. This gives a continuous process monitoring system, the results of which are documented.

Production Monitoring

The settings of machines and the dimensional correctness of test pieces are checked carefully before production is commenced and adjustments are made if necessary. The dimensional correctness of the pipes produced, the setting data of the extrusion and machines and the surfaces of the products produced are checked continuously and compared with the production specifications.

Final Checks

The final products are subjected to further tests. The results of these are laid down and documented in test memoranda. Only products which have been checked and released are transferred to the laydown area. When the checks laid down in the test memoranda have been carried out and documented, the final products are released for stockholding and / or dispatch. Precise instructions and regular checks ensure the proper storage of the products. Packing and dispatch are regulated internally in a precise manner.

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