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HDPE Flanges / Backing Rings

Galvanized FlangesAn HDPE stub is a collar that is welded to the HDPE pipe ends to facilitate the coupling between HDPE pipes using Galvanized / SS flanges or clamps. The HDPE Stub sizes ranges from 20mm to 1000mm.

A HDPE Stub is butt welded to the pipe with the loose Galvanized HDPE Flange / Galvanized CS or SS backing flange inserted in the middle of the pipe to establish a detachable joint. A continuous line can then be made by simply bolting the flanges together which are held securely in place.

The jointing method Stub & Flange Both Ends (HDPE SFBE and HDPE SFOE) is regularly used in the mining industry as it has numerous advantages if you take into account the regular maintenance (easy serviceability) of your HDPE pipeline. The fact that you can cut out the “bead” after the HDPE weld has been done makes SFBE a very popular jointing method for Slurry & Feed lines. Primarily used where the HDPE pipes may need cleaning later on or may have to be moved from one place to another after use.

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