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hdpe pipe suppliersAbove ground installation & Bending

Above ground installation

For exposed above-ground pipework, proper anchorage and support is essential. It must cater for thermal stresses or movement over the ambient temperature range to which the pipe system will be exposed.

Above-ground HDPE systems should preferable be installed at or near minimum operating temperature. There will be slight sagging of the HDPE Pipe, but it will most importantly ensure that the pipe does not damage the mechanical equipment it is connected to. With the extensive project
experience that Sinvac has, our recommendations is that it is better to install the pipes when the temperature is at its lowest. More information about the change in temperature is given in the document “Sinvac HDPE temperature considerations”.

When suspending HDPE pipes Sinvac recommends a centre distance between supports as given by the table below:


One of the important features of using HDPE pipes is its flexibility. However, it is important that the bending radius at any point should not be less than 20 times the pipe outside diameter when at an ambient temperature of 20°C. When lower temperatures are encountered it is necessary to progressively increase the minimum bending radius by a factor of up to 2.5 times at 0°C.

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